Multiple single brand experts and truly unique distribution partner.

Blink 24 is a boutique distributor, developing distribution networks for global technology brands across Ireland and UK, as well as providing a complete brand management service. Blink 24 selectively partners with only the most innovative technology consumer brands that push the boundaries of style, design and technology.

Harnessing the power of collaborative partnerships, Blink 24 is a multiple single brand expert working with retailers to think greater and do better. With dedicated, expert teams across marketing, customer service, and brand management, Blink 24 supports brand partners to achieve their maximum sales potential.

Working with selected premium brands in the Irish and UK marketplaces such as JOBY, NURVV, JUKU and NATIVE UNION, Blink 24 offers over 20 years of expertise in distribution providing world-class logistics putting brands in the hands of innovators in boutique distribution.